About the firm

Horizon Synergies is a strategic business development and management consultancy. The firm was created after the founder met a number of different subject matter experts (SME) with innovative technology and methodology companies / organizations. Each was Lighthousedeficient on strategy, direction and representation for market entry, market capture, and market sustainability. All very creative people / organizations with extremely valuable solutions that businesses and markets around the Globe should have the opportunity to know and embrace. With the Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) doing what they do best, innovating and creating, the need for a proper vehicle to assist them reach their desired and awaiting markets was required. Thus, Horizon Synergies was birthed.

Story behind the name:  As the name alludes, “Synergies” is the power in the sum of individual parts. Each has the unique and required skill to empower and allow the organization to perform at its optimum abilities when working as a team or as a unified “ONE”. The name, “Horizon” was derived from various experiences the founder had over the years. Most of the experiences took place while on adventures, travels, and work with indigenous organizations in Southeast Asia. Upon returning to the US and entering business, he remembered what he had seen. Subsequent experiences would only reinforce his ideas of assisting those individuals and organizations with innovative ideas, technologies and methodologies that create more efficient, innovative and prosperous companies, organizations, countries and even assist our planet.

The journey begins: So, he set out on a journey of pioneering and realizing what many would call the impossible; to help organizations think out of the legacy systems and schemes of existing operational frameworks and dare to take the risk and innoCamelCaravanvate. He wanted to provide those HS serves with a direct path to solutions that answer an organization’s operational and functional dilemmas precisely. To enable our clients access to highly efficient tools that enable them to achieve longevity and valuable purpose. Many of those we call upon are some of the best the world has known.  They exude the character one can only obtain through years of stringent and precise development. With changing times, these same icons seek improvement. Innovative technologies and methodologies provide the means to further grow and more easily adapt to market conditions shifting like the sands of the Sahara. At the same time, a new horizon of companies and organizations, vast in expanse, is shining. HS is hard at work in illuminating solutions, strategies and methodologies for the companies and organizations of tomorrow. It is truly an exciting time to be alive…

Innovation: At Horizon Synergies, we seek to represent the most innovative and proactive solutions; providing our clients with the strategies of tomorrow that answer, Untitled-1and, directly deal with today’s legacy models of production, operation, management, and business development that have become less affective then when they were conceived. We actively seek out strategic thought leaders innovating and creating the technologies and methodologies that will bring solutions to the unique and highly specialized needs and requirements of our clients in the global marketplace.

So, one can see why we say, “we work to help make tomorrow possible for those we serve…”