Mr. Kevin Peavy, Founder & Chief Strategist

As the founder and chief strategist, Kevin leads a team that helps provide strategic business development on select fronts for Subject Matter ExDSC_8880pert (SME) entities and companies with proven innovative technologies and methodologies. These tools enhance an orgnaization’s abilities for achieving highly efficient operations.

Kevin has a diverse background of experience spanning the globe in several managerial contexts. Upon completion of college, he landed across the world deep in the Himalayas and not far from the “Golden Triangle” where he served several years with indigenous non-government organizations (NGO’s). He served in cross cultural construction management, organizational cultural integration management (OCIM) and project management roles fulfilling the overall objectives of building campuses and equipping them with operational processes, teams and technological support. Kevin also assisted in further developing a child sponsorship program for girls at risk in Thailand and children in Nepal. He also arranged and managed joint medical teams from the US in support of their counterparts from Thailand and Nepal.

Upon completion of duties with the indigenous NGO’s he founded a sourcing firm for clients seeking specialized and highly custom contract manufacturing solutions. The name of the firm was Horizon Sourcing. There he oversaw sales and business development for contract manufacturing services to clients in the US. Along the way, he moved into managing teams for overseeing continuous improvement and lean manufacturing processes, operations management, quality assurance, quality control, supply chain management, enterprise risk management, project management, product development and business management at supplier locations in Asia.  

Kevin has served in strategic business development and advisory roles with groups in the areas of Contract Manufacturing, Enterprise Risk Management, Commercial Real Estate Valuation, Organizational Change Management, Exit & Succession Planning, and Non Government Organizations. He currently assists a NGO / Foundation with its pursuits globally.

Interest, Activities & Hobbies:

People – Traveling – Trekking – Sightseeing – Flying

Culture – Researching – Community Service – Food 

Desires to, trek the “Everest Region”, dive in the Maldives and mine for Gold sometime in the near future.