Featured Representations

Proven Innovative Technologies & Methodologies

Each of our representations meet the standards set for innovative & proven. For each Subject Matter Expert group that Horizon Synergies engages with, the products and services they have developed are on the cutting edge of ingenuity and are in their early stages of market entry. And of course, each provide the abilities to achieve objectives not previously known attainable. Rather than calling them DISRUPTIVE, Horizon Synergies prefers to promote next generation innovation which propels us all in to the next levels of our games / existence.

For those that embrace change as a positive means of growth, we invite you to explore the following, and, stay tuned for our future innovative discoveries / representations.


  • Acoustic Thermal & Mass Transfer Systems
    • Acoustically Enhanced Baking
    • Advanced Acoustic Cooling
    • Acoustic Enhanced Curing
    • Acoustically enhanced Dehydration
    • Acoustically Enhanced Drying
    • Acoustically Enhanced Heating


  • Risk Management (RSKM)
    • Maturity Assessments
    • Risk Identification & Assessment
    • Strategy Development
    • Augmentation
  • Industrial Manufacturing & Supplier Sourcing

Future Considerations

  • Material Sciences & Manufacturing; Custom Composite / Carbon Fiber Components & Structures
  • Agricultural & Aqua-cultural enhancements without the use of chemical inputs
  • Advanced Industrial Lubricants for Severe / Extreme Environment Applications
  • Next Generation Materials