Advanced Industrial Lubricants

Extreme temperatures create environments whereby the cost of conducting business, fulfilling industrial operations, maintaining provision of essential services and enabling the enjoyment of adventurous destinations drastically increase and at times, causes the inability to be realized. However, with advanced innovative technologies, what has been impossible becomes more than possible. The barriers of natural opposition become the challenges that enable the development of these wonderful enabling technologies enabling us to go beyond limitations and enter frontiers once thought unimaginable.

One of the technologies Horizon Synergies has discovered is in the area of Advanced Industrial Lubricants… No matter the temperature extremes, these lubricants will not break down under such environments.

Lubrication of equipment whether it be aerospace, power & energy, rail road, trucking, deep sea, submariner, nautical, construction, converting, manufacturing, alternative energy, mining, tunneling, and much much more, the need to enable such to exist and operate without a hitch in extreme thermal environments is indeed essential. When one can utilize a valuable lubrication tool that does not break down in such conditions and is able to aid in the extension of equipment life exponentially, value is created and costs of doing business are lowered. A next generation product technology is realized while enabling reduced risk of operation within the necessary environments.

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