Agri-Tech & Aqua-Tech

Innovative and proven technology advances specific to the Agricultural and Environmental sectors that break the traditional methods, thinking and practices for farming and re-mediating contaminated environments (terrestrial and aquatic) coupled with enabling cultural resets on methodologies that are destructive to nature, but lucrative to big business.

It is our goal to locate and implement proven, yet, innovative biologically natural  technologies and methodologies in this space that will promote people and environment simultaneously. We seek true sustainable solutions rather than a catchy marketing campaign to drive numbers/bottom line while excluding the preservation, even empowerment of nature and humanity.


Producing fruits / vegetables free of harmful additives

Through the uses of natural scientific discoveries and solutions that the earth itself offers, breakthroughs in agriculture and aquaculture are taking place everyday. As we learn more about the truths of these breakthroughs and the science behind them, we find there is a vast universe of knowledge and know how awaiting our seeking, understanding, and implementation. We believe that many of the answers sought for sustainable and HEALTHY food production, energy fulfillment, rejuvenation of waters and soils and so much more exist within the confines of the natural world around us.

Areas of current interest:

– Remediation of Soils and Water through natural means

– Enhancing agricultural/aquatic production by multiples without chemical inputs

– Mining resources without use of deadly and harmful chemicals