Risk Management (RSKM)

Unlike insurance (ISSUE Management), Enterprise Risk Management or ERM is a tool that enables companies and organizations to effectively and efficiently discover, manage, & mitigate risks that would/could develop into costly issues. As Horizon Synergies further engages with companies in the product development, production, project, supply chain management, cyber & data security spaces, it is clear one essential business and operational ingredient that seems to be missing in the majority of  companies / organizations is a holistic enterprise risk management process / culture.   Gold

Perhaps, when aligned with the proper ingredients, this tool may serve to eradicate those costly information silos, quality assurance missteps, and further, planning considerations that can deeply impact an organization’s valuable objectives, operations, and deliverables.

Stay tuned as we explore the possibilities of bringing to you viable tools in this space. We look forward to learning further just how much our clients deem it necessary to embrace such a valuable tool…