Acoustic Thermal Technology

Acoustic / Ultrasonic Thermal & Mass Transfer Systems

Through the assistance of advanced science and physics, extremely efficient Heat, Drying, Baking, Curing, Cooling, and Mass transfer is made possible through the use of SOUND. SONY DSC

No, it is not microwave, and not vibratory welding as are frequent assumptions and asked in many initial conversation. Microwave is electromagnetic and very costly in comparison. The Acoustic / Sonic Pulse technology here is simply the advanced scientific use of sound – Highly Efficient.

Manufacturing processes whereby baking, cooling, curing, dehydration, drying, and roasting are required are excellent potentials for our group’s Acoustic thermal solutions.  The technology enables environmentally safe and enhancing applications, reduced emissions, small equipment footprint, significant increases in throughput & reductions in energy consumption/costs, increased performance with water based inks, glues, laminates, barrier coatings & other coatings, lowers operating temperatures, and energy independent sources; all without affecting quality and integrity of product. We invite you to visit us on the site of of our SME; Heat Technologies, Inc.

Operating Benefits of the Acoustic BAKING, COOLING, CURING, DEHYDRATION, HEATING & ROASTING Technology;

  • Reduced carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption (50-75%)
  • High throughput and associated product cost reduction (50-70%)
  • Smaller equipment footprint (in many cases, reduces overall line equipment to 25% to 12.5% of existing equipment)
  • Low maintenance (Only one (1) moving part
  • HIGH reliability
  • Excellent tool in achieving operational efficiency (see above points)
  • Enables reduction / replacement of solvent inks/glues/adhesives/coatings with water based comparable

Snapshot of some of the Industries currently benefiting from the technology;

  • Converting; Printing, Coating, & Lamination  (OEM’s and end Users)
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Food Production
  • Corrugated box (Cardboard)
  • Food & Beverage Packaging
  • Metal & Aluminum Packaging
  • Film, Foils and Plastics Packaging

    Assists in the drying/curing of solvent less, solvent, or water based inks, coatings, and laminates on the surface of the pouches at lower temps, faster speeds and less energy… Ask us how it is done…


Industries in which the technology is now being introduced (at request from Companies in these industries)

  • Medical & Medical Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals & Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Textiles & Carpets Production
  • Agriculture – Drying and Cooling of produce, nuts, and more…
  • Waste Management (Waste to Energy)
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas

And more… The technology is so new that it has yet to be realized in most industries and sectors. Even in the industries it now assists, the penetration within is minimal, at best, with great opportunity to grow. At present, some of the largest companies on the globe are now clients, or in review of the technology. For flexible packaging, three of the top five US producers are utilizing the systems with a vast spread of companies across a growing number of industries reviewing / taking delivery of the acoustic thermal systems. To date, there are just under 100 installations globally.

As a testament to the technology, our clients are asked often by companies from other industries if the tech can be applied to a thermal need they have. Thus, business expands into new frontiers while advancing with the areas of previous embarkation. It is truly a unique and game-changing technology that can assist/replace legacy systems currently in play in a vast expanse of application theaters. The technology stands alone and provides our clients strong operational and business enhancement solutions.

Altering Existing Thermal Equation

Clients, prospective clients, media, subject matter expert for various industries and others, are learning that previously held knowledge on the nature of baking, cooling, curing, drying, dehydration and heating is now limited when discovering our SME’s acoustic thermal & mass transfer technology.  As in any new technology that transforms industries / replaces existing technologies with a more efficient means, a level of education is essential in helping client team members to fully understand and value the tools.

In many respects, our SME groups are writing new code to the software, or, new software all together, so to speak. We embrace this challenge to help our clients understand that this, and our other technology, can greatly bolster their current operations and how. Of course, it helps where those involved in the tech review come with a healthy thirst for innovative design, function and realization. We have found the very best clients to engage with are those that have a very balanced and  healthy appetite for proven innovation.

As in any capital equipment acquisition, it is indeed essential to learn and understand all aspects of the tool’s value / benefits specific to your organization Our acoustic thermal systems SME group has a structured customer relationship process in place that enables our clients to test and measure the systems within the context of each co’s exact objective framework. Let us help you and your team make tomorrow possible with next generation thermal processes. All that is remains is for us to begin introductions and a virtual / in person presentation.

Please inquire with us if your organization would like to know if the tech is suitable and advantageous for its operational efficiency.

 More to come…