Our News

September through December 2015

– Synergies experiences delivery on an acoustic drying system it carried from introduction, engagement to systems optimization after delivered to the client. Serving as a first for the industry it now operates in… a successful achievement indeed

– Synergies expands its dialogue / client discussions with potential clients in close to 11 countries globally – the strategic introductions have lead us to the doors of some of the most high profile co’s and more importantly, to companies bringing about positive impact and empowering sustainability

August 2015

– Our subject matter expert client for acoustic thermal systems successfully completes next stage R&D lab testing in drying and roasting of NUTS, drying & dehydration of FRUITS, MEATS and HERBS whilst setting in place a platform for additional agriculture and food related analysis

– Engaged in discussions with folks in Semiconductors, Electronics, Glass, and industrial Adhesives on behalf of the Acoustic Curing & Drying Systems

June & July 2015

– Introduced our SME’s Acoustic Thermal & Mass Transfer Technology to the industrial market of Turkey

– Presentation of our SME’s Acoustic Curing & Drying Systems to industrial and consumer products companies in the European market

-Horizon Synergies visits the markets of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, Austria and UAE

May 2015

– Successfully closed Purchase Agreement with global leader in food & beverage packaging for one of our SME’s Acoustic Drying Systems

– Introduced the Acoustic Wave Technology to industries in Singapore while visiting existing & potential client relationships in Malaysia and Indonesia

February 2015

– Arranged for our SME to conduct testing and “Proof of Concept” for its technology’s abilities in support of one of the largest global industrial coating suppliers serving the food & beverage packaging industry

– Arranged for our SME for acoustic thermal systems to engage in exploratory testing for a global coating supplier and their client; a strategic supplier in the specialty packaging & adhesives industry

– Exploratory testing continues for the acoustic heat & mass transfer technology in support of the Dehydrated and Dried Fruits/Foods industry – successful trials gain industry attention

January 2015

– Our Subject Matter Expert Co in acoustic thermal systems begins the new year with a number of potential and existing clients scheduled for onsite engineering and testing analysis throughout the month of January

– Our SME for acoustic thermal systems is featured in Paper, Film and Foil Converter online periodical taking the # 5 spot in its Reader’s Choice Awards for Top 10 New Products for 2014 ; their Anilox iPhone App

December 2014

– Began dialogue with an innovative Malaysian coating company serving regional and global clients alike

– Jointly lead our SME’s team in successfully installing and commissioning its first acoustic dryer application in the Southeast Asian region – East Java, Indonesia

November 2014

– Assisted in coordinating r R & D and preliminary testing of dehydrating / drying various food types – initial success has been achieved

– Arranged and hosted formal visitations with key industry players for potential industry introduction of our SME’s Acoustic Dryer technology while in the United States

October 2014

– Retained to develop export protocols for a US based, Subject Matter Expert Company as they increase their global engagements and implementations

– The CEO of our Subject Matter Expert company speaks at MKVS in Bavaria, Munich, Germany

– Our Subject Matter Expert company closes deal with a specialty paper product producer based in California on an acoustic drying system for a complete paper coating line. A second line goes into contract immediately after successful completion of the first line’s commissioning

– Our SME closes deal with one of the world’s largest and most recognized sports labels on a series of acoustic systems

September 2014

– Our SME in Acoustic Heat & Mass Transfer hosts its 2nd Open House for the year at the Customer Resource Center in Atlanta, Georgia; just under 15 potential clients from various industries attended

August / September 2014

– HS conducted onsite visits support for its Acoustic Thermal Technology SME first Southeast Asian region client – equipment installation will occur later this year

August 2014

– HS arranged the onsite tour of a global metal packaging co, helping move discussions to exploration with the objective for implementation of our SME’s Acoustic / Sonic Pulse drying/curing technology within the packaging co’s production operations

July / August 2014

– Assisted a local and regional Atlanta based manufacturing co to develop and implement business creation strategies – included the presentation of a potential candidate for their Director of Sales & Marketing role which the company made an offer to engage and hire the candidate and the candidate accepted

May 2014

– Our acoustic thermal systems SME to host an Open House at Atlanta, GA USA facilities with several global icons of various industries confirmed for attendance…

– HS enabled its client to access a 100+ yr old global custom packaging enterprise through strategic business development efforts. 1st phase of formal talks scheduled for later in month…

– HS currently exploring Malaysian, Indonesian, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan markets for Heat Technology, Inc and its innovative, yet proven and market altering technology…

April 2014

– Introductory visit and Exploration to/of the Malaysian market respective to Acoustic Dryer and Pulse Combustion Technology. Discovery of several companies whereby the tech could greatly assist…

– HS developed a strategy for our client to gain access to one of the largest global food labels with immediate reciprocation from the organization. Client is now in initial formal discussions with the corporation… 

– HS worked and advised with strategy and coaching a US manufacturer in a potential international transaction for parts supplying. HS was hired by the manufacturer to help verify the authenticity of the potential buyer. Our efforts successfully uncovered an elaborate scheme to defraud the the client… Loss of capital, IP and other damages averted…

February 2014

– Concluded formal agreements with a SME in Atlanta, GA – USA to represent their innovative and proven Acoustic Thermal & Mass Transfer technology (using advance acoustic oscillations) to the Southeast Asian, Japan & UAE market place

– Our new SME in acoustic thermal systems a 2013 GLOBE Award by the USA State of Georgia Economic Development Authority…

October 2013

– Began exploratory research on developing a focus in Agri-tech. With an ever growing mandate for innovative food, farm and agricultural production without the use of chemical inputs. HS has chosen to endeavor with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) creating authentically natural solutions…

– Our SME in the space of Commercial Real Estate & Personal Property valuations (MVC) adds new tenured partner in the medical and manufacturing appraisal focus with MAI and ASA credentials; opening MVC to the vast Medical, Industrial, and Manufacturing markets for supportive valuations of the hard and personal property assets in M&A transactions

June 2013

– HS completes the strategic business development road map for the local and regional manufacturing co and delivers to the CEO and her management team

April 2013

– HS is engaged by a local and regional manufacturing co to help determine overall goals and objectives. Once determined, HS is further tasked with designing a strategic business development road map to help the company realize the determined overall company objectives.