Without innovation, companies / organizations / people cease to realize and enjoy their fullest intended potential

Horizon Synergies strongly believes in innovation as one of the most important and essential elements in strategic business development. It is paramount in the longevity and health of an organization.  As a matter of fact, it is our single favorite attribute to pursue. Without it, simply, a company cannot grow and mature as desired. Through the representation of proactive and innovative technologies and methodologies, Horizon Synergies helps companies, organizations and even nationalities  to develop, grow, and operate with effective precision. Positive evolution is not always embraced by an organization no matter its size. However, innovation is essential to remain a strategic and viable entity and at Horizon Synergies, innovative technology and methodologies are what we offer to our clients.

Featured Innovative Methodologies:


Featured Innovative Technologies:

Through the patented use of acoustics; baking, curing, dehydration, drying, heating, and cooling can now be enhanced to levels not seen previously. Increasing through puts by as much as 50% to 75%, while decreasing temperature requirements by 25°C to 48°C on average. Further, reductions in equipment footprint are typically 25% to 12.5% of original systems while energy consumption has been seen to drop as much as 50% to 70% depending on application theater.


In support of our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s);

Market Identification

Based upon the uniqueness of the technology and/or methodology, HS will identify strategic markets whereby the tools and processes will best assist and most likely be embraced globally. As markets are made aware, organic and evolutionary paths are discovered leading to additional, and at times, perpetual innovation for our SME’s offerings.

Strategy Creation

Our clients have a thirst for development respective to their innovative and proven tools. Thus, custom strategies must be created to precisely deliver each tool to its identified markets. HS employs strategic thought leadership to provide a unique and effective path to those markets. Not all strategies are best and some may be off the beaten path, so to speak.

Market Introduction

Once strategy is determined and crafted, it’s now time for implementation. We look forward to getting out and in front of those that will be the benefactors of such tools. We look forward to offering the marketplace innovations that will propel their company and perhaps, change the way business is currently done.

Market Capture & Development

The go-to market strategies designed and implemented by Horizon Synergies takes in to consideration those best suited for our Subject Matter Expert’s (SME) offerings. With an en-depth understanding of our SME’s technologies and methodologies, we then engage in strategic research that enables us to accurately identify with stealth like precision exact matches in the global marketplace.

Future Considerations: