Based on Quantum Mechanics and Traditional Chinese Medical understandings, this tool serves a growing number of people seeking a wide variety of health solutions. From the irritable and annoying impacts of skin and allergy conditions to those with chronic and potentially life threatening illnesses. Scientifically based, and proven in a theater that in most cases, must remain outside of the so called expert world of western medicine and pharmaceuticals, as it has been seen as a direct threat to each.

Hyper Sonic Thermal

This powerful tool enables highly efficient drying, heating, curing and even cooling of surfaces and substrates of various types. The efficiencies come in the forms of reduced energy required, much smaller physical footprint, increased production speeds, abilities to switch from solvent based to water based coatings (no matter the substrate) all without the maintenance hassles of conventional tech.


What if through the precision use of sound could one with severe spinal injury experience recovery? A restoration from the brink of the impossible to a full restoration… In many cases, this tool is the means to restore where serious impacts have otherwise rendered a person’s spine irreparable.

Individual Products