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Business Development

As there are a number of innovative developments on the horizon, it’s important to focus on those that are authentic, empowering and strategic to our and our clients’ objectives. And as Horizon Synergies is fully focused in the space of energy and frequency based solutions, it’s keen on discovering and sharing in to the market such means of assistance.

Material Sciences

Mediums of materials of all sorts have been changing over the years and with the further push of Certified B corporations, there is an even more accelerated movement for companies to nurture both human and planet. Profitable expressions do not have to exploit planet and people to make money. In fact, at Horizon Synergies, it is our goal to locate, identify and even create materials that are fully natural, sustainable, and that the body has natural receptors for. Materials that provide one or more components of the holistic health equation for our fellow man and woman to fully thrive in his or her life. Whether HEMP, ALOE, BAMBOO, or a number of other fascinating fabrics and materials that are derived from nature respectfully, Horizon Synergies is keen on discovering and developing those materials that help what we use in our daily lives empower and enhance body, soul and planet.

Systems & Technologies

As a growing emphasis in the realm of sound, frequency and precision vibrations, there come a wide variety of technological advances ongoing in the spaces of health, industrial and science that are game changers for our lives and the enhancement of our planet. With advances in science via quantum physics and various other respects known to science, innovative technologies are birthing for the first time that can significantly enhance the way we live our lives, while protecting our most natural of resources, this lovely home we call earth. It is the pursuit of Horizon Synergies to identify viable tools of innovation that are authentic and empowering for people and planet and strategic in solving our most necessary of quests for a life fully lived.

Areas our innovative solutions assist are in the following; Holistic Health, Industrial Sustainability, Eco-Manufacturing, Eco-Apparel, and other whereby environmentally enhancing sonic solutions are able to positively impact and transform legacy materials, systems and protocols.

Processes & Methodologies